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Product summary – mortgages with variable early repayment charges

Lump Sum Lifetime Mortgage Flexible Lifetime Mortgage
Product benefit To provide a tax free cash lump sum To provide an initial tax free cash lump sum and an option to make further cash withdrawals
Current interest rate (AER) 4.09% 4.29%
Interest rate type Fixed rate for life Fixed rate for life
Interest rate guarantee n/a n/a
Overall cost for comparison 4.26% APR 4.46% APR
The actual rate available will depend on your circumstances.
Ask for a personalised illustration.
Additional features

All lifetime mortgages offered by Hodge Lifetime include the Flexible Repayment Option where up to 10% of initial amount borrowed can be repaid each year with no early repayment charge.

Downsizing Protection - You will not incur an early repayment charge if, after 5 years, you repay your loan as a result of selling your home and moving to a different property

Cash Withdrawal Option No Yes - minimum withdrawal amount of £1,000 per transaction
The cash withdrawal option is not guaranteed
Minimum age
(youngest applicant)
60 60
Maximum age
(youngest applicant)
85 85
Minimum property value £100,000 £100,000
Maximum property value £1 million £1 million
We may accept properties of more than £1 million on referral
Standard Loan to Value
(on youngest age)
20%-45% 20%-45%
Plus Loan to Value
(on youngest age)
n/a n/a
Minimum loan £20,000 £15,000 plus £5,000 Cash Withdrawal Option
Maximum Loan £500,000 £500,000
Arrangement fee £595 £595
Early Repayment Charge Maximum 25% of capital repaid (see factsheet for details) Maximum 25% of capital repaid (see factsheet for details)
Locations available England, Wales and mainland Scotland England, Wales and mainland Scotland

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Interest rates for cash withdrawals

The following interest rates apply if you wish to make a cash withdrawal:

Product Current interest rate Overall cost for comparison
Flexible Lifetime Mortgage 4.29% monthly 4.46% APR
Flexible Mortgage Option* 6.30% monthly 6.5% APR

* No longer available for new business applications

These products are lifetime mortgages. To understand their features and risks, ask for a personalised illustration.