Equity Release Calculators

Understanding more about our lifetime mortgages

Step 1: Eligibility Calculator

You can calculate the maximum loan your client could be eligible for (subject to your client's property being eligible) by inputting the ages of each applicant and the estimated value of the property into the calculator below.

Step 2: Estimated loan balance

Based on the ages input in step 1, this calculator will estimate the amount your client could owe in future by inputting an expected term over which the loan is outstanding. You should select the interest rate that applies to the loan.

You can also estimate the early repayment charges that your client could incur if they choose to repay the loan early. Please note, the Variable Repayment Charge only arises if the swap rate has fallen - enter a negative value in the swap movement box (for example -0.5%) to gauge the effect of interest rate changes on the Variable Repayment Charge.

These are lifetime mortgages. To understand their features and risks, ask for a personalised illustration.